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Business Bootcamp was founded by Achintya Saxena and Arthur Sciacca, two people who shared a passion for business. They wanted to inspire and educate younger students about basic business topics! 


Consists of topics on managing a team and business such as leadership and ethics


Skills on how to manage finances and money. Includes topics such as personal finance.


Encompasses the principles of how to advertise a business and its products to consumers

Human resources

Contains topics on the personnel of a business. Has topics on training, employee engagement and more

Puerto Rico: Our Story

Day 2

Today we took a tour of the amazing nature reserve where we will be doing our volunteering. Next, we began our first Business BootCamp Class. We taught topics such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, and Management

Day 3

Today we went to a local community center and engaged in some cleanup and repair of the area. The, we went again to our Business BootCamp classes and taught people from many different backgrounds

Day 5

Today we engaged in another Business BootCamp workshop, but in a different format. For this, our team split up into two different groups and we performed small business consulting with various businesses

Day 6

Today, we went to the nature reserve again to plant trees. This was extremely profound, noticing the long term impact of our actions in Puerto Rico. We then held another small business consulting workshops

Business BootCamp

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