Achintya Saxena

President of Business BootCamp @ University of Michigan



Shanmukha Akkapeddi

VP Operations of Business BootCamp @ University of Michigan


Surina Sheth

VP Membership of Business BootCamp @ University of Michigan


Saurav Bhasin

VP Finance of Business BootCamp @ University of Michigan


Jonathan Tish

VP Membership of Business BootCamp @ University of Michigan


Gabrielle Wiwigacz

VP Operations of Business BootCamp @ University of Michigan


Business BootCamp-UM was founded early 2020 in order to expand the reach of the original organization which our president, Achintya Saxena, started as a junior in high school. He founded this organization with his close friend  in order to expose students to business studies in order to supplement their education. Another key mission of our organization is to equip children with necessary entrepreneurial skills. We offer interactive workshops for young students to cultivate their interests as well as mentorship. Business BootCamp also offers professional development and member development for our members. We have hosted career panels, resume workshops, and mock interviews in order to cultivate the Business BootCamp community. As of Fall 2020, Business BootCamp @ University of Michigan became a Ross School of Business affiliated organization.

"Business BootCamp-UM Seeks to Educate and Inspire an Interest in Business Studies For All Ages"

Winter 2021 Recruitment Schedule
BBA Meet the Clubs
1/21/21 7-9 PM
2/1/21 6-8 PM
Mass Meeting I
1/22/21 2-3 PM
Mass Meeting II
1/31/21 6-7 PM
Application Due
2/1/21 11:59 PM

We have created a partnership with Ypsilanti District Library. This partnership was to host classes for elementary aged students regarding entrepreneurship as well as development of potential future business leaders. These workshops were scheduled throughout Fall 2020, but were cancelled due to Covid-19. These workshops will be rescheduled Covid-19 restrictions permitting as well as the safety of everyone.

BBC-UM's Partnerships

We have partnered with Boy Scout branches across Michigan, so scouts in a number of communities can utilize Business BootCamp's unique Core Four workshops to earn merit badges that they can put towards their development as a scout. These workshops will allow scouts to gain entrepreneurial skills as well as receive mentorship from college students as they progress on their academic journey. Business BootCamp - UM members will guide students on the college exploration process as well exposure to the UM campus covid restriction permitting

Boy Scouts - Michigan


Ypsilanti District Library