Pitch New Jersey is an entrepreneurship competition where students create a lean canvas for an idea or entrepreneurial venture and get chosen to pitch live in front of industry professionals, venture capitalists, and local entrepreneurs for a chance to win up to $1,500! There are two stages to this competition, with the first being an application and the second being a live pitch at Farleigh Dickinson University. 
*Deadline is  January 31, 2022

WHY PitchNJ?

Our goal is to create passion for entrepreneurship throughout New Jersey, and give high school students a chance to express their ideas and innovate. Through this event, not only are young entrepreneurs able to do just that, but they can also network with industry professionals to gain experience from them, learn about public speaking and other necessary skills required for entrepreneurship, and be part of a lifelong community of other entrepreneurs.


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The live Pitch

The PitchNJ Application consists of a Google Form with questions about your business, such as the marketing plan, target market, and what problem you are solving. In addition to this Google Form, applicants must submit a lean canvas, which is a condensed version of a business plan. Although this may sound daunting, since you might not be aware of what a lean canvas is, we hold a seminar discussing what it is in order to guide applicants through this process. The application is open until January 31, 2022.

The Live Pitch will occur at Farleigh Dickinson University on March 1, 2022. Ten finalists are selected out of the application process to come to FDU and pitch on that day in front of industry professionals and entrepreneurs. Students here have a chance to network and speak to professionals who have already embarked on their upcoming journey. This pitch can be daunting as well, especially to students who have never given a live presentation in front of an extensive audience, but we also hold a public speaking seminar to make students more comfortable.

Lean Canvas

This seminar will teach students about how to create a lean canvas. At this seminar, students will also find mentors that can guide them through thinking through the aspects of their lean canvas.

This workshop passed but click the button below for video tutorials!

Public Speaking

This seminar will teach students about how to public speak and be comfortable speaking in front of an extensive audience. In addition, students at this seminar will receive feedback on their applications. This seminar will occur on January 21st, after finalists are chosen, and will be meant for them.




Sign ups for the public speaking  seminar are not open until the finalists are chosen.

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