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Management: 5 Traits A Manager Should Not Have

Many employees quit their jobs because of their manager. They are so fed up with how the manager is treating them and how they are acting. So, they decide to quit. As a manager, these are 5 traits that you should avoid being.

First, don’t be a micromanager. Be able to trust that your employees know what they are doing. They were hired because they were qualified enough to do their job. You don’t have to know every little detail of what they do every minute. Let them show you what they can do.

Secondly, don’t be too critical. While giving constructive feedback is important to better your employees, being too harsh can make you come off as mean. When giving your feedback, try to put it in nice words and don’t tear their work apart. If they don’t know how to fix it, teach them. Try not to yell at them and sound mean.

Also, you should avoid being disorganized. As a manager, you will get a lot of paperwork and projects. If you become disorganized, you will start to lose things. When your employees ask you to do something and you can’t find it, they will start to get annoyed if this becomes a constant thing. Employees want a manager that is on top of their work and is able to stay organized.

Next, don’t act like a know-it-all. We all know that one person who tries and acts like they’re better than you because they know more than you. Those people are not fun to be around. As a manager, you should always take into consideration the ideas of other. Your way may not be the most effective. Listen to others because they may think of something that you didn’t.

Lastly, impatient managers are also annoying to work with. Don’t rush your employees when they work. They might already be stressed and you would not be helping them in any way. Also, don’t set unrealistic deadlines for things and expect them to get it done well and perfectly. For example, if you tell someone to finish a 50 page research paper in 2 days. They will feel annoyed about the time that they are given and will either not finish it on time, or they will rush the paper without worrying about the quality.

In conclusion, as a manager you should try your best to avoid these traits. Employees stay at jobs where there is a friendly environment and where they enjoy working with the people they are around. Managers with these bad traits will drive employees away which hurts the company as a whole.

By Vicky Huang

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