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Adjusting to the "New Normal"

As months have gone by, working remotely has become the new normal and business and HR employees are accommodating the new changes. In just a few months we’ve seen drastic changes that we never thought we were going to experience. HR leaders are taking the steps to make sure the company’s employees are still able to work effectively out of the normal work environment. Businesses are regularly updating the business’s continuity plan to help others feel more comfortable. Rather than an add on to the business operations, the continuity plan should have a structural function in the business model itself. This will help the business and employees to better adapt and be more flexible with the changes.

As well as, having to adapt to workplace roles and responsibilities, HR employees educate and assist employees in embracing the changes and coping mentally. This pandemic has taken a toll on employees mental wellness and has caused a higher degree of stress and anxiety. In order to promote a positive remote workplace, HR leaders are implementing the support structures necessary to foster a healthy and encouraging environment.

While leaders keep their focus on business models and keeping the company operating. HR leaders take leadership positions to remind them to consider their employees when making necessary decisions. HR representatives also take charge in having various virtual social activities to stay connected with other employees. They offer emotional support and counselling through employee assistance programs as well as, check in regularly to show appreciation and offer any needed support.

In order to keep navigating through the new ‘normal’ businesses will have to rely on HR leaders and strategies to manage during this time.

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