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Advocating With Marketing Campaigns

A campaign usually meant using certain operations and actions to achieve a certain goal. Marketing campaigns promote products and services through different channels of communication such as social media, television, and print. Businesses will use these marketing campaigns to initiate sales or even rehabilitate their image after major losses.

Every business has a different goal in mind when it comes to creating a marketing campaign. Some may want to introduce a new product, while others are advocating social issues. When these campaign goals are defined it is easier to determine what type of media is necessary and how much marketing is necessary for it to be successful. Each campaign will vary depending on the intended purpose which will usually link to the tone of the business’s brand. No matter the size of the company, it is important that a section of your department is dedicated to handling the stream of traffic that is generated through the marketing campaign. If you see an increase in followers on social media platforms, it is essential to have a consistent content post plan and keep it updated for viewers. This allows consumers to stay up-to-date with business activities and new security measures. Sometimes brands will use ideas from other marketing campaigns to help improve their revenue and continue to keep building their brand.

Moreover, at times brands can be tarnished due to political, health, and safety factors. Marketing campaigns are proven to be one of the most successful ways to rehabilitate a damaged brand. The famous Chipotle had an outbreak of E.Coli in 2016, leading to the closure of 43 restaurants and over 50 people have been affected by it. After this crisis, it was hard for the brand to recover and win back customers. The damage was beyond just the original brand image and it also caused risk of the safety and health of numerous people in the U.S as they became ill from food borne disease. From this, Chipotle decided it was time to begin the process of rebuilding the trust of their customers using a series of marketing campaigns. They started off by creating a poster that emphasized their ingredients that they use in their offerings and displayed them in nearly 2,000 restaurants. With the help of television and social media, Chipotle was able to create its campaign theme “ChipotleForReal”. This marketing campaign allowed them to bring back the majority of customers they lost within the span of two years.

In conclusion, whether a business is just starting-up or has been running for years, it is always crucial to discover new ways to promote their product or service. Marketing campaigns help execute advocacy for companies.. With a goal in mind, communication strategies, and timing not only will enable endorsement to businesses, but may also attract more consumers leading to more profits for the company.

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