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Effective Management in a Time of COVID-19

Proficient management requires a vast majority of skills, and with many companies switching to a virtual platform to prevent the spread of the virus COVID-19, management has been presented with numerous challenges. Despite this, effective managers have been able to overcome this by various tactics. One of the most vital components to successful management during this time of crisis is communicating clearly and frequently. One can do this by posting weekly memos or creating agendas of what needs to be accomplished. Written communication serves almost as evidence that expectations were set. Verbal communication is just as important as it allows workers to reach out and voice any questions they may have and ensure that they are aware of any new standards. This can be achieved through meetings through any video conferencing platform. The most efficient way of doing this is by making these sources of communication predictable. It is much easier to create expectations when the employees can expect a meeting or information.

The best managers during this time have the ability to have small talk discussions. The casual discussions that occur throughout the workplace are no longer active in a virtual environment. It is up to managers to initiate these causal conversations to be on good social terms with their employees and make personal connections. By doing this, a safer work setting is formed as well as closer bonds among the workplace.

Positive outlooks demonstrated by management have a multitude of benefits for the employees. Everyone is nervous about what the future holds, however, it is reassuring when management encourages employees. It is just as simple as checking in often with employees and sharing words of gratitude as well as sparking motivation.

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