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Management: How to Make an Agenda for an Effective Meeting

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Team meetings are very important for a business. The manager is able to have his or her team together all in one place to discuss what is happening and what has to improve. Since these meetings are crucial, the time spent in these meetings should be used in the most effective way. A good agenda is an important part for an effective meeting.

To start, ask around. Talk to your team members and ask if they have something important they want to talk about. They might think of something that you forgot about. You should also ask them why they feel that it is important to include in the team meeting. If you decide not to include their idea, tell them why and see if you can resolve their issue another another time

Second, make sure that what you plan to include in the meeting, is pertinent to everyone in the meeting. Team meetings are hard to schedule and may not be as often as you would like. So instead of spending that time to talk about something that only involves three people, talk about something that involves everyone. You could probably pull those three people aside after the meeting or at another time to talk about that topic.

Next, specify how members should prepare for the meeting. Let them know in advance if they have to do research, bring stuff in, answer questions, etc. This will help the meeting go more smoothly, and your team members willbe better prepared for the meeting.

Also, in the beginning of the meeting,spend some time to ask your team if they want to share anything or if they think something on the agenda should be changed. Even though you may have already asked around about topics to include, something might have happened last minute.

Towards the end of meeting, evaluate how the meeting went. Did you use the time effectively? What went well and what went poorly? What can you change next time? These questions can help you change future meetings to make them as efficient as possible

In conclusion, team meetings are very important so in order to have an effective team meeting, you should have a good agenda.

By: Vicky Huang

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