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Human Resources: Career Development

Career Development is a life-long process which is used to match employee goals with the business’s needs. This is done by gaining information based on your values, interests, abilities, personality traits, etc. The cycle starts with determining where you want to go, next is to identify strengths and development areas, then make a career development plan, and finally get closer to your goal. Human Resources plays a big role in career development because i identified skills and potential jobs within the organization. This helps ensure that the necessary talent is available and is crucial to management development. Career development focuses on career self-reliance with the employee exploring potential interests and investigating options while the manager coaches the development and planning but also provides feedback. Career development has increased worldwide because of the changes that deal with the programs that are involved. For example, some changes are the changes in workforces, nature of employee motivation, managerial style changes, and technology. This process has become a primary activity of the organization in order to create a pool of talented employers and enhance their career satisfaction

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