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HR: Human Resources the Key to Every Business

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Human resources is a highly important aspect of a business. Every company needs a human resources (HR) branch as it is the branch that basically runs the company. If an employee were to take a day off, they would tell the HR manager. The HR manager would also organize the details of each employee. The skills retained through human resources can not only help in this job but also for other employment scenarios. Human resources are crucial for any career for these reasons.

Firstly, as a result of human resources there is less employee turnover and proves to be essential and beneficial. Employee turnover is the rate of employees leaving a company resulting in new employees being hired. It costs nearly twice as much as a former employee’s salary to recruit and train a new employee. Obviously this is huge for any company, and HRs managers are the best people to stop this problem. HRs take their time and choose the correct employees. By considering the employee’s needs and wants, they make the worker feel glad and needed. This makes them stay loyal to the company. Also, HRs regularly make sure that new employees are doing fine with their jobs.

Secondly, HR is crucial as HR managers help budget control. HR managers are the ones that set a budget for any project. Based on the workforce trends, they come up with an appropriate salary for employees. They curb excessive spending, and in the broader spectrum, that’s money less spent, which is more money saved for the company. Without HRs doing this, bosses would recklessly spend money on projects, and this would cause companies to go bankrupt.

Finally, due to HR managers, there is more employee satisfaction and better performance. HR managers conduct surveys, focus groups, and interview strategies to make sure that employees are satisfied with their jobs. If there is a common problem in a team, HR managers address that problem, and they come up with a resolution for that problem. This results in the team working efficiently. If employees need any help, HRs provide them with that help. In the end, the employees are happy, and they tend to perform much better due to the inclusion of HR managers. Without human resources, a company wouldn’t be able to function effectively.

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