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HR: What Do Employers Look For in Employees?

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Created By: Oliver Petras

In a business, the company will only want what benefits the business as a whole; this can completely rely on machinery, technology, but the main factor to company success are the employees who work there. Many employers will look for someone who is able to communicate well in a team setting; this can involve working on numerous projects together or creating slideshow presentations to represent company growth. Soft skills are another answer to company success and it can be used as an umbrella term when describing the characteristics an employee should have when working at their job; these skills can include communication, honesty, loyalty, and many other similar items. Many businesses are looking for employees that are enthusiastic about their job and future at the workplace, they would rather not want people who are working out of pure misery; the more positive, the more productive worker. Going along side with every important skill listed, experience and knowledge are large parts of a functioning business. If an employee does not know what they are doing, it can lead to many problems for the company such as money and data loss, negative reputation, and many other types of avoidable mistakes. With many of these skills, you can be assured that an employer will be interested in your application/interview for work at the company.

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