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Human Resources: Human Resource Development

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Human resource development is the training and development of employees and is the foundation in order to help develop their personal and organizations skills, knowledge, and abilities. This could range from addressing performance problems to helping an employee prepare for a management role. HR development is also what employees look for from an employer - that they are able to encourage, help, and motivate them for success.

To start off, it is important to note that human resource development and human resource management are different for each other. Management is more focused on the maintenance of the organization while development focuses more on education. Human resource management takes on more administrative tasks such as files/filing, payroll, and paperwork. It is more of a standalone operation that works on efficiency, though it does cover operations throughout the organization and its workings.

Organizations and businesses who put a great emphasis on HRD are able to see the many positive outcomes such as increased profits; however, the positives are more than just about money. The activities of human resources development teach the necessary on-the-job skills that are useful for employees across all departments. This tends to improve the output, but it also makes the employees feel that the organization or business has invested in them and their growth, in turn creating a more loyal and productive workplace. When there are efforts made to provide growth and opportunities for employees, the team spirit and overall work environment are also improved. Lastly, when people are given positive opportunities, it makes them feel better as well as they feel recognized.

Overall HRD is an important part of any organization and reaches all aspects of the business to ensure an efficient working environment, as well as enhanced staff development, higher productivity, and many other benefits that have a positive impact on the employees, employers, and organization.

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