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Human Resources: Commitment

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Let’s be honest, sometimes we forget to meet some deadlines. For example, a slides presentation might’ve been due on Friday, and you might’ve forgot to submit it that day. This will lead to you getting in trouble with your boss. In order to avoid this, you should stay on top of your task. If you consistently tend to do this, your boss might get a negative connotation, and they will warn you, or worse fire you. The best way to work in any environment is to show that you are devoted and committed. In this article, we will provide you insight on commitment.

Firstly, team members need to feel the importance of the project. This means that they should understand the significance it has on their job and the company that they work for. They should feel truly interested in their job. If someone doesn’t like their profession, they will end up not putting their best effort. Lack of interested might cause companies to lose big projects, hence major clients. Moreover, employees need to finish their work on time, and attend meetings. If there is a meeting scheduled outside of work (via conference call), every team member should attend it, because that’s a part of your job. This shows how devoted you are to your job. If you express these attributes in your workplace, then you are truly committed to your job.

Furthermore, the work that one does should benefit the company they work for, and their own careers. There should be a purpose to everything you do. If there is no purpose, then there is no reason for you to actually do the work. When truly committed to your work, employees should develop their skills in some way. For example, if someone is not a great presenter, they should work on their presentation skills to help enhance themselves. Also this can be learning how to finish your work in an efficient manner. Finally, to show full commitment, you need to be excited and challenged with the team opportunity. Go to work everyday with the intent of learning something new that day. You need to love your job, because if not, there will be no purpose in your career. Always love something that you do, and something that excites you. At the end of the day, that’s what matters the most.

Inevitably, commitment is significant in the business world. Employees need to show that they are devoted in order to be successful. The CEOs of many successful companies worked countless hours doing something they like, and that has led to the success of their careers and their companies. Commitment can go a long way because it shows the executives in your company how much you love your job. This can lead to you having a promotion. If you show no commitment, your career won’t go anywhere. Nevertheless, it’s very important to show commitment to your job.

By Chari Govindarajan

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