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Human Resources: Union Relations

A labor union is “an organization of workers acting together to negotiate their wages and working conditions with employers” (Cengage Learning). Unions are mostly used by people that are teachers, firefighters, police, and other people that work for the government. Furthermore, unions are beneficial to the people that are in them when a strike might occur. A strike is “a temporary work stoppage by employees, calculated to add force to their demands” (Cengage Learning). Their demands could consist of higher pay or better conditions, either way, their demands would benefit them and the strike stopping would benefit the employer since they do not make nearly as much money or any money at all when this strike occurs.

One example of a strike is the verizon strike in 2016 where about 39, 000 strikers went on for the duration of 45 days for their demand of “concessions on job security and flexibility” (DiMaggio). Many went on strike to keep their career a great one, in fact, that is the goal of many when they go on strike.

There are many more benefits to being in a union. The people that are in a union are not only represented but there is also more confidence in their safety when performing the job, this can include but is not limited to employers spending more on a piece of equipment so more product is produced. Furthermore, there may also be better health benefits or higher wages. This is mostly due to the fact that they are in the union.

To sum up, there are many benefits to being in a union. Whether it be the pay, extra cost for one’s safety, or being able to go on strike, it is an advantage and is in one’s favor to be in one if they are performing one of the jobs that are included.

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