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Human Resources: Why Some Employees Hate Human Resources Managers

Let’s be honest, some HR policies are over-the-top. They restrict the fun in many things. You might get a warning for something completely unintentional. It’s casual Friday, but your HR Manager thinks you are not wearing appropriate clothes, so they give you a warning. These warnings and rules create tensions between employees and HR managers. In this article, we hope to educate you on why employees sometimes hate HR managers, and how the HR department can fix this problem.

Firstly, many employees hate their HR managers because of the managers’ lack of attention and care. Certain HR reps tend to be a bit monotonous and robotic. Hence they tend to follow many rules, and laws. Also, some HR reps don’t respond to employees’ problems and challenges properly. The main reason for these HR reps’ attitude is because of the fact that the department is highly underpaid. Several companies decide to spend their money on more important departments which might bring them more revenue. When departments are underpaid, they tend to work inefficiently. Thus, the reason why some employees in companies feel that their questions to their problems aren’t answered properly. But what can the department do differently to solve this problem?

An easy solution to this problem is to hire the right people. If companies hire the right people, all of these issues will be overlooked. Some companies hire HR managers who don’t care as much for the job, and tend to inflict too many rules amongst their co-workers. An efficient HR rep is one that communicates well with their employees, one that is willing to try to solve common workplace issues, and one that truly wants to build relationships. Qualifications is one aspect, but beyond that, companies should hire people who seem likeable. They are the ones that will cause the most change, and improve teamwork within the company. If such people are hired as an HR rep, then they’ll do the job properly.

Inevitably, for many problems to resolve in businesses, the right people have to be hired. If the HR reps in a company are hardworking, likeable, and talented, then that company will most likely succeed. But one aspect has to be considered. Employees-HR relations must be improved, or else it will end up in that department’s downfall. Companies need to hire HR reps who make sure that rules are followed. But at the same time, they do it in a likable manner, so that employees aren’t furious.

By Chari Govindarajan

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