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Human Resources: Interview Training

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

When you are working in HR, you have to be prepared to conduct interviews. Throughout this article, you will get some key pointers that will help you get the best results from your interview. Even though interviewing may seem stressful, in all reality you are just trying to get to know the person. Be prepared to listen, but also invoke questions you may have in the conversation to find out more valuable information. Essentially, interviewing skills are very similar to conversation skills.

One important tip that many interviewers forget is that the interviewee is nervous, while you may want to see how they do under pressure you also want to make them feel comfortable. If the interviewee is not comfortable they may not give you the best information. Another large factor is your flexibility, you need to be willing to allow the conversation to veer, as long as it has some direction. This way you get an even larger view of how the interviewee would act if they joined your team. Lastly, while you do need to focus on what the applicant says, you also need to focus on their nonverbal cues. If they are being sluggish, and seem like they don’t want to be there, they may not be the candidate for your company.

Hopefully you take these tips and use them in your next interview. The most important reminder of them all is… Remain confident. You got this. You were hired to conduct interviews for a reason and if you emit confidence it will do nothing but reward you. As long as you are friendly and try your hardest you will conduct superb interviews. For more tips, please read other BBC articles or read directly from our sources below.

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