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Human Resources: Maintaining a Healthy Work Environment

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

It is the job of Human Resources to have and maintain a healthy work environment, thus creating support for employees to work productively, respectfully, and comfortably. Employers are required to make reasonable changes to the workplace so no one is at any substantial disadvantage. A healthy workplace is ideal in creating a positive environment when there is a stressful atmosphere. It is also good for the company as it could lead to bringing in more sales for the business. It improves office productivity, efficiency, and has the potential to reduce costs related to absenteeism, turnover, worker’s compensation, and medical claims.

So what exactly is a healthy work environment? Well, there are four aspects looked into, workplace culture, physical environment, and occupational health and safety, health and lifestyle practice, and supportive workplace environment. Workplace culture, every company has its corporate culture with values and standards that employees generally follow. And when there is a workplace culture with values practiced by both employees and employers, it tends to be a healthier place where no one would have anything to be upset or unhappy about. Being happy in the workplace can help retain employees and are more likely to stick around longer.

Healthy workplaces also involve the physical environment of the office as well as the health and safety of the employees. Things such as making sure all electric cables are covered to prevent tripping. It essentially reduces the worry of employees. If employees know they are being looked after, they will care about the company more. By putting effort into the well being of employees, it can encourage better teamwork, increase productivity, and reduce sick leave. Employers can help employees develop healthy lifestyle practices and drop unhealthy habits. Some activities could be having weekly yoga sessions or evening runs as a team. This leads us to have a supportive workplace, everyone has personal problems, and sometimes emotions can get brought into the workplace. As an employer, instead of ignoring them, you should make an effort to find the core of the problem and show concern or compassion. This does not mean needing to sit by them the whole day, a quick email saying your doors are open for them will do. This shows that you care about the progress of the company as well as the well-being of your employees.

Creating a healthy work environment can lead to improvements throughout the company. Including increasing productivity, reducing costs, and building better relationships between employers and employees. A healthy workplace is considered one of the most important things that influence employee motivation and happiness. And how productive and efficient they can be all depends on the environment they have to work in.

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