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Management: How to Be a Better Manager

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Whatever anyone does in his or her life, he or she will want to become better at it. For example, just look at some athletes; some train daily throughout the year in order for their performance to be enhanced. In the future, you may be fortunate enough to manage a team. Similar to these athletes, you are striving to get better at your position, but you do not know how to. Luckily for you, we will be talking about how you can become a better manager.

First off, it is important to motivate the individuals on your team. Without motivation, performance goes down and your whole team will struggle to complete their work at a high performance level. Similarly, children are motivated to do well in school by their parents, whether it is getting a reward for doing good or a negative consequence for doing poorly. However, each person is different and has something else that motivates them. Because of this, you need to maintain good communication with your employees and find out what motivates them.

Therefore, communication is key when you would like to improve your performance. Just imagine if you are an employee and you have a boss who simply cannot communicate effectively. You would be fed up and there would be confusion all around the workplace. Your performance would most likely go down as well. In order to avoid this, the boss has to improve communications within the team as confusion increases and when performance and motivation decreases.

When we work constantly, we all need a break. This does not change for managers. If you are overstressed you can become snappy, crabby, and intolerant of anything that is “not correct.” As a result, your employees will be scared to come up to you which hinders communication. Without clarity inside and outside the office, the ceiling for performances gets massively diminished. So if you are ever feeling over-stressed as a manager, take an off day – it will immensely help you and your team’s performance. Try going on a trip with a loved one in order to release the stress and pressure that is on your shoulders.

To recap, there are numerous ways to become a better manager. Three key ways are motivating employees on your team, taking a break in order to relieve your stress, and establishing good communication. Even though these three are all different, it is evident that without these, the performance of your employees will drop drastically.

By: Taylan Mansur

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