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Management: What Can Go Wrong with Management

As human beings, we have all gone through some type of management. Whether it be our teachers, parents, or friends, someone dictates our decisions and actions. However, these people might not be good managers. For example, if you have ever had a bad teacher, you would want to transfer out of that class immediately. Similarly, if a worker has a bad boss, the worker would want to quit the job as soon as possible. Now you may be wondering, “What aspects of management should I steer away from”? If you continue reading, you will be able to effectively manage any subordinate of yours.

First, you always want to recognize someone for their progress and great work. Without recognizing these people, they will have little to no motivation in order to succeed or do outstanding work. A 2015 study by Achievers shows that 57 percent of the employees surveyed do not feel recognized at work. Without the recognition, the employees might be fretful of their job security. As a result, they will not work as hard as they are getting the vibe that the company may not want their skills and they will be soon fired. This principle lies in our everyday life, regardless of age. For instance, whenever children get a superb grade on an exam, they will tell their parents the second they get home. A parent’s satisfaction always motivates children to always, always, try their best, no matter how difficult or easy the task might be. Furthermore, while constructive criticism is essential in order for your subordinates to improve, commenting on their strengths can also enhance the quality of their work. This shows how important communication is in the workplace, especially management.

Moreover, creating a negative environment cripples a workplace’s potential for success. With the environment being stressful, workers simply will not be able to work at their maximum ability. For example, in seventh grade, I had teachers that would assign hours upon hours of homework, let alone that their classroom, at times, was toxic. As a result, I did not try my hardest and my grades were not an accurate reflection of my potential. Similarly, a toxic workplace can hinder one’s care for their work and subsequently, the work will not be of the highest quality. Creating a positive environment is easy and essential. In order to achieve this, make sure everyone is happy and involved. This really goes a long way in the company’s success and overall unification.

By Taylan Mansur

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