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Management: When/How to Give Constructive Feedback

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Constructive criticism can be very beneficial to a company. As a manager, you should always try to let people know how they can improve so that your company can improve. However, if used in the wrong way, it can be harmful instead.

When giving constructive criticism to an employees, you should tell them in private instead of in front of everyone. If you tell them in front of everyone, they won’t start thinking about what they can do better. They will be worrying the entire time about whether or not everyone thinks they’re an idiot. If told in private, they will be more inclined to listen and ask questions about how they can improve.

If you are just annoyed at someone and can’t come up with a way for them to improve, don’t say anything at all. Just because what they are doing annoys you, it doesn’t mean you should say something. Always remember, if you can not come up with any reason why they have to change something besides the fact that it annoys you, it is best not to say anything.

Do not brag about one employee just to try to make the other employees perform better. Bragging about one person is not the best way to go to try and improve performance. Instead, talk to the employees who are not doing that well and give them your feedback in private.

If someone makes an error and you know that they are a good employee, you don’t have to be being it up and make them feel bad. Everyone is human and will make mistakes occasionally. You should talk to them if they are consistently making the same mistakes.

As a manager, talking to your employees and giving them constructive feedback is important. On the other hand, it can be unnecessary. Before doing anything, look at the situation and see if you should talk to them or just to let it go.

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