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Management: Work-Life Balance

Let’s face it… we’re all overflowed with work/school. The stress of our responsibilities can cause even the greatest of us to miss out on the joys of life and overwhelm ourselves. You are most productive when you are happy, finding the right work-life balance is essential to finding happiness. There is no one right answer. Every person is going to have a different mix, but it is up to you to find out what works for you. Over the rest of this article, there will be some helpful tips to get you started.

One very important tip is to let go of perfectionism. There’s too much happening in your life to go above and beyond on every single task. You have to pick and choose where to put your effort. Don’t spend an entire hour picking the right background for a presentation. Even though the perfect background may help you in that task, it is a waste of valuable time/effort. Another great tip is to try and exercise more. When you exercise your brain releases a chemical called dopamine which essentially makes you happy. Exercising consistently will allow you to think more clearly if you are stressed and will help you manage your time. Other people find great peace through meditation. If you can get your mind to a state of calm you will be able to navigate through what is truly important in your life.

Never forget to leave time for relaxation. Life is too short to waste. There’s so much good in the world, your family, your friends, all your hobbies. Spend your time wisely, it’s how you’ll be remembered. Nobody likes someone who has no outside interests. It may seem scary but you can do it and if you need help reach out to a trusted friend/family member for help. If you liked this article please read our articles here at BBC on topics such as management, finance, human resources, and marketing, or check out our youtube channel at businessbootcamp101. Thanks for reading!

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