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Marketing: Non-Profit Marketing

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Marketing is a crucial factor in how a business gets its customers; however, it is even more important for Nonprofit Organizations. This is their way to ensure people see and understand their values and beliefs. This way they can grab the attention of potential volunteers and investors to support their cause. Though it does have some of its own setbacks, there is some major differences between for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations. Even with these differences, nonprofit marketing can be just as successful.

First off, a major issue that comes up with nonprofit organizations is the lack of ideas. There are only so many ideas to promote beliefs, without a product or service attached. They also have a much smaller budget than for-profit businesses do. This limits their resources, which can mean less media attention. Regardless, social media attention is not always effective, thus allowing for more money and time to put into other more effective marketing. Even though these are some major differences, there are some upsides. For instance, nonprofits have a well defined and established mission, which can lead to a very compelling story, such as social, health, and environment issues.

Furthermore, there are a few marketing types, the first being point-of-sale-campaign. This is when a potential donor may be asked to add a donation to a purchase. Another strategy is message-focused-campaign. This campaign focuses fully on sending a message, usually through media. It is meant to change the behavior or actions of a donor, as well as driving awareness. Moving on, transactional campaigns is another key strategy. This is where the consumer is notified by a company and donations could be sent that way. (Investopedia)

Finally, though there will always be a disadvantage for nonprofits, it is a crucial part of any organization. By finding the best way to market, depending on the organization's beliefs, you can form the backbone of an organization as it allows growth and promotes your mission.

By: Helen Gillespie

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