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Marketing: The Digital World

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Over the past decade buying goods and services has drastically changed, and now more people are using the internet to make their purchases. Marketing is all about connecting to your audience, so why not connect with them where they are spending a lot of their time, online. This is where digital marketing takes an affect. So essentially, digital marketing is marketing through digital channels, using different kinds of technologies to advertise a product or service.

Now there are a lot of different ways to digitally market in order to successfully get their message across to their target audience. Most companies have websites, but others go beyond that with smartphone technology, social media, and some might use PPC (pay-per-click) to display ads. The popularity of going to the store is decreasing, because of the internet and the rising popularity of smartphones. Smartphones have the ability to gather information on the user’s personal preferences and tastes. This allows marketers to be more specific in their ads and campaigns. They are able to offer more relevant messages and reach out to different groups of people or as individuals.

So, how exactly does digital marketing work? There are several common tactics when it comes to digital marketing. First is website marketing, it is where most of the customers get their first impression of the company. Ultimately, it is where most of the tactics lead back to for more information. A key factor, in order to keep an audience engaged on your website is the design and layout. Navigation should be convenient in order for the potential customer to learn more. And the design should be orderly regarding colors, themes, and any graphics there might be. Another tactic in digital marketing is search engine optimization (SEO), it is optimizing your site’s content so it appeals to search engines. The goal is to get higher on the search engine page as well as bringing more traffic towards to your website. As well as content, which is aimed at attracting your target audience. It can be as small as a thank you email when someone subscribes to your email list, or something larger such as an e-book. Content can also include social media posts, which can reach worldwide for recognition and brand engagement. In the end, no matter what tactic or strategy you use for digital marketing, it is important to be consistent.

By Helen Gillespie

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