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Marketing: What is Marketing?

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Marketing is an aspect of business that makes up numerous studies. However, an overarching theme that is applicable to all fields of marketing, is how a company controls the public’s perception of their service or product. In other words, the process in which a product or service reaches the consumer, is what businesses strive to do, through an effective use of marketing. While various marketing strategies exist, certain steps should be followed in order to successfully market a business.

First, businesses have to decide which audience they are appealing to. To elaborate, marketing strategies differ between factors such as one’s age, gender, occupation, etc. Therefore, deciding which consumer will be more interested in a business’s product or service, can help a company effectively use marketing tactics, while in turn boosting the sales of the company. Thus, in order to develop a target audience, a business has to determine the interests of certain consumers, in order to see where their product or service will be most recognized and appreciated. Once the research is complete, it is crucial to not set your target audience too specific or to broad. To explain, if a company decides they will be advertising to kids, they cannot simply group all children for their intended audience, but rather decide on what age group it will apply to.

Next, a business should decide how to advertise their desired product to consumers. Analyzing which platform or method to market one’s business, is crucial in order to figure out where a business can receive the most attention. For instance, before choosing to air various advertisements on television, a business should consider other options depending on their designated audience. If appealing to a younger audience, a business can choose to place ads on social media platforms such as instagram, where it will gain more publicity. Hence, a company should not hesitate to explore their options, as it can be more beneficial than sticking to regular methods.

Overall, a company should always consider their audience and consumer when deciding how to market their product or service. By determining which audience they are addressing, a business can effectively use marketing strategies to adhere to their consumer’s needs. Also, by investigating various ways to advertise a product, a business can have a greater reach on the public, and gain more publicity for their product. Therefore, by following these two steps, a business can ensure that they will have the most beneficial marketing plan available.

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