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The Basics of Staffing

As one of the five functions of management, staffing holds a lot of importance in the world of business. There are many factors for a company to consider when staffing, and it is a process that involves many steps. Hiring employees is not an easy task, and it requires much thought and contemplation. The staffing process shows the way that companies go about obtaining new employees and integrating them into their business.

The first step to staffing is planning. Companies need to consider the employees that they currently have and where they could use some extra help. Next, the recruitment process begins. This involves searching for possible employees. These people are determined by their talents, skills, and past experience. Searching for employees is a very important part of staffing because it shows the company what kind of employees are available and can help them narrow down what they are looking for in a new hire. The third step is selection. Companies eliminate candidates that did not meet their requirements or expectations. They then look at the remaining candidates and contemplate who would be best for the available position. After this decision is made, the fourth step begins. This is placement. The new hire is put into their position and they start step 5, which is training. This requires teaching the new employee the way that the company works, what tasks are involved in their jobs, and how to complete said tasks. After this, they begin development. That allows employees to continue to learn and grow in their position and adopt new responsibilities.

Next comes promotions, which involves upgrading the position of employees in their corporation. This gives them more power, authority, and typically also comes with a pay raise. The next step is not always needed, but definitely is not uncommon. This is transferring. When an employee transfers, this means that they move to another job in the same company, which generally does not come with a pay increase. However, this is an important aspect of staffing, because looking at the employees a company currently has is just as important as looking at new hires. Another step is appraisals. This includes both a boss reviewing and giving feedback to an employee, and also an employee giving constructive criticism to a subordinate. This is needed because it helps teams work better together and overall creates better end results. Staffing is a very important function of management, and it is imperative that people continue to study it.

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