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The Importance of Management Relationships

In life, it is always beneficial to form relationships with others. It helps build bigger connections as well as trust and support. This is particularly true in business. Developing employee relationship management enables the company to boost many factors of their business, leading to greater success.

Employee relations is a human resources function and that includes improving the bonds between the management and the employees. One of the easiest ways to initiate this is by being welcoming, a simple saying good morning can be enough to the employees. This because this simple gesture makes employees feel valued and is a motivating way for the company to start a new day. In addition, it is the stepping stone to forming a connection by promoting education. As learned before, communication is another crucial method in crafting bonds in the workplace. It is vital for employees to know that management communication is reliable and is available for assistance. Oftentimes, people can get distracted and keep to themselves rather than expressing their thoughts and feelings in a workplace. This creates a lot of confusion on who’s supposed to be doing what and overall the employees may feel as they are not being recognized. By providing an open atmosphere with multiple ways of communication, such as meetings, video conferencing, and iMessages, employees can feel connected. This also offers an opportunity to understand coworker’s concerns and their goals. Additionally, it is pivotal that management encourages a healthy work-life balance. It is very easy to be overwhelmed with the multitude of tasks that have to be completed. However, with a healthy work balance it can demonstrate to the employee that you are aware and respect their values. Aside from the tactics mentioned above, there are a multitude of other methods for developing and strengthening these relationships but it all begins with human resources promoting a better work environment.

First and foremost, the relationship between the manager and the workers boosts morale. This morale, activating motivation, can energize an employee to increase productivity. Of course, productivity leads to the completion of more projects, further building the strength of the company.

Management and employee bonds strengthen trust. This is significant in many aspects because it reinforces honesty. Without a doubt, employees need to receive feedback to improve. This is because feedback is very valuable, despite the fact that it can be very hard to deliver. If management is not as close with their employees, the employees are more likely to tell them the feedback that they would like to hear rather than the feedback they need. This is a result of not wanting to upset the management staff as they are concerned with how they will react. If both the employees and the management have a mutual understanding of each other, they will feel more comfortable being transparent.

If employees are comfortable with management, it makes collaboration more enjoyable and efficient. When employees are familiar with the people they are working with, they are more likely to work well together. It can be difficult to get a project moving if everyone has to uncomfortably work together. Instead, when employees are comfortable with management, it makes the expectations much clearer and the tension is decreased. Not to mention, it lessens the risk of conflict while group projects are being conducted.

There are many companies that prioritize their relationships with their employees. Hilton, which was rated number one of the best companies to work for by Forbes, has implemented many workplace habits that continuously lead their company to success. They offer a program, the Hilton Senior Leadership Business Immersion program, that was initiated to enhance the employee’s engagement as well as their relationships. Hilton’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Matthew Schuyle, emphasized that the program is “an experience that connects senior leaders to the most fundamental aspect of the business – hotel operations. The three-day program entails working back of house, or what we refer to as ‘Heart of House,’ in departments including Housekeeping, Food & Beverage, Banqueting and Engineering” (Brownlee). This connection is part of the reason why Hilton’s employees are so fond and love working for their company.

Time and time again, good relationships strengthen not only the bonds of the employees but the success of the company. Employees should feel welcomed and exposed to a healthy work environment that promotes productivity. Companies hudl be considerate and understand that their relationship with employees is very important for business function. With development, good employee relationships are achievable for success.


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