Puerto Rico: Our Story

Business BootCamp team excursion to a local beach for bonding and tanning while waiting for our AirBnB to be ready.

The view from the Cabezas de San Juan nature reserve where we did volunteer work throughout the trip.

A video of our students loving the Business BootCamp Experience!

The Business BootCamp team cleaning up a local community centers so non-profits could begin working out of the location to help the Fajardo Community

Our students telling us how much they love Business BootCamp in Spanish!!

The Business BootCamp team hard at work creating tree pods to plant. These were bags filled with a soil/fertilizer mix with seedlings, which were then transported in order to be planted in the forest.

The team in front of their finished product! After 6 long hours of work in the heat the team together had finished 1000+ bags of soil!! Thats a 1000+ trees!!

The team in front of the El Portalito Community Center in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. This community center is operated by the Forest Service and Department of Agriculture. 

The Business BootCamp team on top of the El Yunque Forest Observatory admiring the amazing view together. It was startling to see how much the hurricanes had impacted the trees in the rainforest, but we also began to feel extremely honored to be part of the tree restoration project.

The Business BootCamp team with another volunteer group after 6 long hours planting trees in order to reinvigorate the Puerto Rican forests.

Saying goodbye to our humble abode and Puerto Rico during this trip. Drinking some fresh coconut water before leaving this amazing ecosystem. Can't wait until our next service project out here!

Goodbye Puerto Rico Till Next Year

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