Sample Business BootCamp Class
Inspiring an Interest

One of our main goals is to inspire a interest in business in students of all ages. Through this sample class that we conducted, we saw that through our lessons, our students were able to become extremely interested in the topics we were teaching. As soon as we started talking, they became hooked with the topic and the passion to learn was clearly showcased.

Sample Business BootCamp Class
Incorporating Technology

Technology is part of daily life, and is an amazing tool for education and the business world. We are using technology in our classroom to incorporate interactive quizzes, educational videos, and business simulations. 

Sample Business BootCamp Class
Bringing Out the Inner Business Person

During our lessons, one of the most fascinating things that we saw was that we did not have to teach many of the soft-skills, such as public speaking and teamwork. The students just needed the proper forum to bring these skills out. When we gave our students a business scenario, they did not hesitate at attacking it with their team. 

Sample Business BootCamp Class
Fun & Exciting!

Our goal is to merge educational material while still making the material fun and relatable for the students. Throughout our classes we always have fun with our students, making all of our activities seem more like games rather than just lessons.

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